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We are a network sharing the passion of graffiti and street art plus the benifits of being united online.


We love what you do

We believe we have the same mission. Ours is to showcases and celebrate art placed on streets in cities around the world. We discover, create, promote, sponsor, market and publish art online. If this is your mission too, let´s do it together!

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 Färg-TV’s network includes an extensive network of bloggers, instagrammers, moviemakers, graffiti writers and YouTube experts. By joining us your videos will reach a bigger audience. 


As a partner of Färg-TV you are ensured 100% anonymity since you don´t have to give up your name, email, bank information or any other information that you prefer not to give up in order to publish a film and/or monetize your video.

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If you need creative input, legal advice, music for your film or have a great idea for a movie but doesn’t know how to make it happen, we’re here to help! So dont hesitate to contact us.